Little Workers of the Sacred Hearts Emblem

Our Emblem

Our congregation's emblem was designed by our founder Blessed Monsignor Greco when he was a deacon in 1881: A crown of thorns, in the center of which are the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary; one transfixed and mounted by a cross, the other pierced by a sword, both surrounded by flames with the words "Taste and See." Outside, at the base of the crown, are the words "Thy Kingdom Come."

Two Hearts

Two hearts with one love and the same will, both victims of love for all.

The Flames

Flames of love that create, redeem, lift up, and make divine.

The Crown of Thorns

A “crown of thorns” closely joins the Heart of the Son and the Heart of the Mother, regenerating humankind with the certainty of redemption and everlasting life. The crown also alludes to the Prophet David’s flight from the cave of Adullam (1 Samuel 22) and emphasizes how sweet it is, amid the thorns of our earthy existence, to take refuge in the comfort of the Sacred Hearts.

Taste and See

An invitation to contemplation in order to see and savor the marvelous richness and sweetness that are enclosed in the Sacred Hearts.

Thy Kingdom Come

The phrase “Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done,” is from the “Our Father”, the prayer which focuses all of our intentions on a spirit of obedience to divine will and concentrates all energies in the life of the Little Worker.